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epi oliday.....

im going back home excited...balik kampung....ooooo balik kampung..ati girang!!!aku ucapkan epi oliday kpd my housemate yg terchenta....awe....ko pg meninggalkan aku sorang diri ek kt cni.aku mau tdo ngn spe mlm ni...n of coz to mirmir n shasha..jom kte g epot sme2..pepagi bute dh kene pegi.wah..excited gle!!epi oliday to all....

*to miss yana--> aku dh kasik no phone aku kt ko dun 4get to call me as soon as u get back from nz..oke babeh..
*lastly.....epi graduation day to u...keje leklok yer..dh manyak duit nnt jgn lupe kt aku!!haha
*selamat tinggal 2009..thn yg amat duka bt ku..hukhuk

nk bebel jap

aku rs diri ini amat teruk
aku rs diri ini tk berhrge
rs diri cam...........nk mati
sushkh unt prcye seseorg???
skrg ni aku bleh lg nk senyum
lme-lme nnt.................bleh gle otak aku...

to someone that means a lot to me...

im sory for all the mistakes that i have done to you.
im just a human
,the imperfection one
i try to be the best for u.but obviously i am a failure

after all the years that we have been thr
ough,i only ask for one thing from you
for you to be trustworthy,it is all im more from you
i feel really ugly when you act lik
e im such a terrible person..
but it makes me realize how much u mean to me..

i have hurt your feeling..and i hope you dont feel the pain as much as i do..
the last thing i wanna do is to hurt you. .
it isnt an easy thing to let you go..
you make my world complete.
im lost without you..
i apologize for being 'the stupid of me'..