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i feel so weak...

ble sume exam nk abis ni...dh tk lrt dh...haish....arini aku rs lemah sgt2..dr pg smpai mlm tk mkn..pastu nk stadi lg..aduih...pliz end this misery....cannot take it any loger.....

stadi PK!

wah!pening..pening...exam lg...exam 11 penuh dgn angke2 dan mende yg kene igt.alahai hepatitis..asal la ko de kt dunie ni.asal ko tk pupus je dr dunie ni cam dinasour.menyushkan org tol la..dr iskandar,sok jgn wat soklan susah.wat sng2 je.tkpon kasik je jwpn trus sok...

tv rosak!!

aih..geramnye la plak rosak.tulung la.aku nk tgk cte besh mlm ni.die plak bt hal.kang aku campak ke bawh br tau.pak doni!aku tuntut tv men la tv besr gedabak.aku nk tv lcd.yg flat tuh.aku nk yg plg nipis skali n plg mhl skali....wawa

saye nk tggi!!

aku la yg plg rendh antare sume..ishk..ishk..

saye nk jd tggi mcm ni!!

ade sape2 tau tk cne nk tmbhkn ketinggian??ade obat ape2 ke.tkkn nk bergayut cam monyet plak.kang nnt bkn aku makin tggi,tgn plak mkn panjang.hoho.knpe ketinggian aku jd issue ek?aku tkde la rendh sgt.ok2 je.klau tggi sgt tk best gak.nnt klau nk lalu ikt pintu kene tndk.klau pndk kn sng.tkyah men tunduk2.kan kan...btol tk pe aku ckp ni.,org yg rendh lg imut(cute) dr org yg tggi.klau tggi sgt nnt dh jd cam antu panjang plak.kan tkt tu...hehe..wateva pon...bersyukurlah dgn ape yg ade.....

hari berjalan2..

setelah penat seminggu exam,akhirnya dpt la gak aku rehat2 jap..perh..penat bukan main..lepas je exam,terus aku tdo smpai ke ptg.letih gle weh..hoho...arini aku cuti,so aku pon g la jln2 kt citraland.actually tkde mende pon nk just rs nk jln sorang2.hehe.sian hosmate aku soram tu.siap suh aku ajak die aku ckp aku nk jln soram2.hehe..kecewe gle die.hehe.sori la time kte kuar tgk transformers ye.bukn tknk kuar ngn aku rs nk bersorangan je arini.hehe.jgn majuk ngn aku aku g la citra land tu.bli buah..mknnn..pastu g la mkn kt chowking.heaven gle kot aku mkn.die pny desert best.knyg gle.nk bgn pon susah.on da way nk blk aku nmpk la de satu kedai brgn lektronik.tgk pendrive sandisc yg 2 gb hrge die rp100k.murah kot.pendrive kingston aku yg 1 gb tu dh ilang.nk transfer file pon aku bli la.siap de antivirus dlm tu.then aku pulang la ke rumah dgn ati yg epi...blk umah plak,dak2 ni ckp tv plak rosak.hampeh tul.dh la mlm ni de cte best.apola...pastu pe aku nk bt mlm ni.dh kal tuan umah,tp tk agkt.kuang asam tol.nnt aku suh die bli tv plasma yg flat skit aku nk mlm ni terpkse la aku tgk cte kt laptop je..huhuh....

jgn silang kaki!!

I bet quite a few of you were like me....started to read this with your legs hard to break this bad habit! :)

For those who do not understand Chinese, take a look at the photos below:

Those who often cross their legs when sitting for a long period of time, 3 unhealthy things will happen:

1 Their backbone tends to become 'C' shape
2 They will have neck aches and backaches on one side
3 For ladies, the shoulder will tend to slant one side causing the bra strap to slip down the slanted shoulder.

Try not to cross your legs when sitting.


This is a true story from the Japanese Embassy in US!!!

A few days ago, Prime Minister Mori was given some Basic English conversation
training before he visits Washington and meets president Barack Obama...

The instructor told Mori Prime Minister, "When you shake hand with President
Obama, please say 'How are you?'. Then Mr. Obama should say, 'I am fine, and
you?' Now, you should say 'Me too'. Afterwards we, translators, will do the work
for you."

It looks quite simple, but the truth is...

When Mori met Obama , he mistakenly said 'Who are you?' (Instead of 'How are

Mr. Obama was a bit shocked but still managed to react with humor: 'Well, I'm
Michelle's husband, ha-ha...'

Then Mori replied 'Me too, ha-ha...'

Then there was a long silence in the meeting room.

ponteng lagi...

hurm...gare2 letih sgt,aku tertidur smpai terlepas kelas radiologi..hosmate aku pon camtu gak..mane tk letihnye,semalam tdo 3 jam je.kul pat dh bgn la penangan stadi last minit.arini aku exam pharmacology...turns out to be not so bad..ade la gak confidence skit.berbanding PA.tapi tk bpe puas ati sbb 20 soklan je.pny la aku stadi separh mati,sokln 20 je.Dr ni..buat la byk skit la best skit nk bt..apola...tkpe2...yg lepas,kite biarkan esok de satu lagi exam..Mircobiolgy by Dr Wani and Dr tk stat stadi lg ni.drp td lg duk tdo..mkn pon tk lg..tkpela..nk g mkn megi jap(mknn ruji aku sehari2..sedih tol)


23rd June 20009,7.30 am.
Microbiology exam by Dr Wani and Dr Herman..all the best farah..

exam again...

hurm...that's my getting bored...tomorow i got anatomy pathology that means i need to 'berkurung' in my bilik,biscuits and tea on my desk and read this green 'diktat'..well..that's the sacrifice as a student rite...well..just pray my success okey...







Monday, 22nd of June 2009

Anatomy pathology by Dr Ridhwan
May Allah be with you..amin...

It's not how you start, it's how you finish

i found this amazing video from my makes me cry..this guy is really awesome..nick vujivic born with no limbs,it is called as phocomelia..just watch this video and feel the message in ur heart.i hope that i also can do the same thing as he is.'get up every time you fall'..that is's not how you start,it's how you finish.nick vujivic takes every thing that god gives to him and what he knows is that he wants to live his life happily.he wants to inspire people and likes to see people's heart change because of him.what a great man he is...

Digital Rectal Examination-skill lab blok 17

my skill lab team

A digital (finger) rectal examination is done to check for problems with organs or other structures in the pelvis and lower belly. During the examination, a health professional gently puts a lubricated, gloved finger of one hand into the rectum. He or she may use the other hand to press on the lower belly or pelvic area.

A digital rectal exam is done for men as part of a complete physical examination to check the prostate gland. It is done for women as part of a gynecological examination to check the uterus and ovaries. Other organs, such as the bladder, can sometimes also be felt during a digital rectal exam.

Why It Is Done

A digital rectal exam (DRE) is done to:

  • Check for growths in or enlargement of the prostate gland in men. A tumor in the prostate can often be felt as a hard lump. This may be done as part of a regular examination or to check on symptoms, such as a change in urination. Not all problems of the prostate can be felt through the rectum.
  • Check for problems in a woman's reproductive organs, such as the uterus and ovaries. It is often done during a regular pelvic examination and Pap test. It may also be done to check on symptoms, such as pelvic pain or vaginal bleeding.
  • Help find the cause of symptoms such as rectal bleeding (blood in the stool), belly or pelvic pain, a change in urination, or a change in bowel habits.
  • Collect a stool sample to test for blood in the stool.
  • Check for hemorrhoids or growths, such as cancer, in the rectum. DRE alone is not used to diagnose colorectal cancer. Also, a DRE may not find internal hemorrhoids because they are soft and hard to feel; a sigmoidoscopy may be needed to diagnose internal hemorrhoids.

How To Prepare

If you have hemorrhoids, tell your health professional before the examination begins. Your health professional will try not to bother your hemorrhoids.

How It Is Done

For a digital rectal exam, you will take off your clothes below the waist. You will be given a gown to wear.

  • A man is often examined while he stands, bending forward at the waist. A man can also be examined while lying on his left side, with his knees bent toward his chest.
  • A woman is often examined while lying on her back on an examination table, with her feet raised and supported by stirrups. A rectovaginal exam is often done for women so that organs in the pelvic area can be checked.

Your health professional gently puts a lubricated, gloved finger into the rectum. He or she may use the other hand to press on the lower belly or pelvic area to feel for tenderness or problems, such as enlargement, hardness, or growths.

star trek and birthday blast....

chris pine..ur so hot..

happy tree friends


kak wear.tapah and a very cute cake

it has been a week since i open this blog.there are so much to do and i even dont have time to update my is going crazy here with all the exams and lectures,i even dont have times to do other activities.but last week,after the internal disease exam,me and my other friends went to puri to watch a last i have time to release my was very exciting..b4 watching the movie,we ate at piza hut and we chat and laughed about lot of was very fun.then we went to secret favourite place.but at that time i didnt feel like eating i didnt buy any for me.then after that we went to 21 biskop and watched star not a big fan of this movie.but there was no harm to sit back and watched the movie.for me,it was a very good movie, with very impressive cgi effect.and the heroe is really taking my heart away,chris pine.and i was very suprised coz my frens told me that he also acted in pricess diaries 2.he seemed the movie ended,we went to carefour.we needed to buy lot of thing coz that night we were having a birhtday party..that day was tapah's we were going to throw a party to him..the menu for that nigt was spagheti.and his girlfriend,kak wear bought a cake..we had a great night.and also,asraf sang 3 songs specially for tapah and kak wear.hihi.even though he 'malu-malu kucing' at first,but his voice turned out to be very good.i recommend him to join af next year.hehe..i went back to my house 12.15 am..i was so tired but happy.i wish to tapah,happy 24th birthday..u are so old.hihi.hope ur life is filled with joy and prosperity.may god bless u and kak wear.i wanna see both of u at 'jinjang pelamin'..insyaallah...

starting new bloc

arini dh masuk blok baru.blok 17 iaitu sistem blok ni akan byk blajar psl hepar n empedu..klau hepar akan blajar ttg hepatitis dn liver disease yg lain.klau empedu akan bljr cntohnye ttg obstruksi gall bladder dn lain2 lagi.bagi aku blok ni agak menarik aku harap aku akan score untuk blok ni memandangkan lecture die skit aku tkt ngn subject internal disease.klau exam slalu je bagi cases.aku ni dh la tk bpe reti nk diagnose patient sorang2.klau ramai2 boleh la byk idea.blok lepas pon aku dh sangkut dh.blok ni tk tau la.hrp2 boleh score..wateva pon ckp byk pon tk gune,effort tu kene ade..aku kene usahe dn terus usahe..

perjumpaan dengan penasihat pelajar..

arini,tepat jap 11.00 pg,12 tgh ari waktu malaysia,telah diadakan satu perjumpaan penting dengan penasihat pelajar,Dr Gunawan.perjumpaan tu diadakan untuk semua,aku n da rest pegi la sbb nk tau ape yg dr gun nk,dlm meeting tu ade beberapa perkara yang penting yg diberitahu oleh beliau.yg pertama adalah mengenai keputusan MMC(malaysia medical council)mengenai cadangan nk extend satu tahun lg belajar kt indonesia ni.actually,bukan belajar tp housemanship kt cni.sbb MMC ckp student kt cni tk cukup credit unt kerja di malaysia.student di indonesia biasenye belajar selama 5 tahun.3 tahun setengah untuk teori dan setahun setengah unt MMc claim la bahawa student di sini kene tambah one year praktikal di rumah sakit @hospital untuk memungkinkan kami semua dapat bekerja kt mesia.huhuh...mintak2 la tk extend..sbb amat menyusahkan la unt sume,dr gunawan cakp die tgh fight unt pihak pelajar supaye cdgn tu tk diteruskan.dgn alasan,student kt cni drp first year lg dh didedahkan dengan skill lab.skill lab tu adlh ketrampilan medik dalam clinic.klau kt mesia diorg tk belajar macam tu.diorg akan belajar lepas dh abis belajar klau kt u aku,kami akan belajar subjek ni drp awal sem smpai la akhir sem,for each tkde reason unt extend setahun lg kt cni.hehe dan satu lg,dr gunawan ckp rmiaistudent kt cni mengeluh sbb plan diorg nk kawin afta abis belajar dh la,kene extend stahun lagi..lame tu...lambat lg leh kawin.hoho.hampeh tol diorg btol gak ape.tu issue yg pertama.issu yg kedua adlh ttg demo yg diadakan depan embassy 2 hari tu demo secara aku tgk dlm berite de gak la yg pijak2 bendera mesia.dr gunawan menasihatkan student2 spy jgn tonjolkan diri sgt depan org ramai.die cite ade one year tu,die terpakse larikan student2 kt jakarta ni ke embassy sbb keadaan dh genting skrg kt cni tkde la smpai mcm tu sume jadi sbb kes manohara,ambalat n amah yg kene dera tu.aku aritu pon bile org kt cni detect aku org mesia,diorg jd mcm nk mrh2.aku pon terus blah dr ctu.tkt gle kot..nsb bek jln ngn kwn rmai2.hrp2 la mende ni setel la dgr mende2 camni.kt tv pon dgr berlambak keburukan mesia.trus aku tukar channel cartoon.lg best gak sbb cartoon kt cni alih bhs.hoho.......


salah satu trade mark yg diberi oleh rakyat kt cni..(malaysia+maling)=malingsia.maling bermaksud pencuri.

skang tgh hot kt cni....ade 3 isu skang penduduk kt cni tgh mrg..1)of cos ttg manohara..dh basi dh cte ni..2)psl ambalat..malaysie n indonesia tgh berebut nk amik pulau ni sbb maybe de minyak..3)ttg amah indonesia kt mesia yg kene dera ngn majikan die kt mount kiara tu...arini sume student malaysia di indonesia diberi peringtan..klau nk kuar dr umah kene kuar beramai2.sbb nnt tkt ape2 jd.bese la.kt cni amt sng nk recognise org mesia.aku kt cni klau jln sorang2 pon asyik kene pggl ngn org kt cni.kdg2 tkt insyaallah klau wat dunno je,diorg tkkn ape2 kn kite.esok dh stat jakarta fair kt mmg annual event nt cni.die bt jualan besar-besaran kt stadium.mmg rmai la yg pegi sbb hrge die mmg abis murah r..tahun lps pon aku dh bli brg skit,esok aku nk tahun ni lain skit dr tahun lps.sbb kali ni aku kene pg dgn pkai tudung indonesia.hehe..klakar la..sbb kn nk pegi tmpt rmai,unt elakkan diri dr diketahui kite ni rakyat mesia,so terpkse la bt klakr pon demi keselamatn diri,terpkase la bt mcm tu.kang nnt tk psl2 jd mende2 yg tk sepatutnye..arni pon,dh ade demo psl ambalat tu depan istana presiden.istana presiden tu dkt area cni gak..mintak2 la nothing bad happens..,buat org yg di luar sn,ketahui lah betape susahnye student kite nk survive idup kt cni..terpakse dgr org duk kutuk ngr kite tiap2 ari dlm,jge la hbgn sesame ngr,jgn la biarkan isu2 yg tk spatutnye menjejaskan hbgn diplomatik ngr jiran.nnt yg susah student kt cni gak.terpakse menerima tempias dr org mahasiswa/mahasiswi malaysia yg menuntut ilmu di bumi indonesia,aku doakan keselamatan kite semua terjamin,insyaallah...

result 2 paper dh kuar..

arini de 2 result yg dh kuar...paper PA ngn IKA..PA aku lulus dgn aku sangkut paper IKA..aduh..sedih tol...kene repeat paper..aku dh mls dh nk bc..nk ulang exam lg...sedihnye..smgt aku dh down skit.. T_T


br bgn tdo...tdo dr ptg...dh azan maghrib br tersedar..nsb bek sedar..then ajim kal.die ckp die kt spital.atuk masuk spital sbb suspect skang kene thn kt spital..sian kt atuk.aku tny ajim spe teman atuk mlm ni.die ckp tkde.npe plak tkde.lepas aku mrh abis seround,ajim ckp die nk teman atuk kt spital mlm ni.tau tgh skt,de ke nk tggl sorang2....doakan atuk cepat sembuh...aku tgh mamai g mandi..hoho..and yg penting,aku sgt lpr arini..arini tk mkn nasik lg aku sedr aku mkn rgn je..hosmate aku jg ckp la..mmg jenis tk makn nasi..aku mn bleh..tkpela..aku g mandi..smayang,then nk g masak ape2 yg patut..masak megi ke..hehe..siannye kt aku....

balik kampung...oooooo balik kampung..

yes!!akhirnya..saya dh bli tkt nk balik bukan tkt balk tkt dr mesia dtg cni..tkt nk balik rye tkleh bli lg sbb tk tau cuti stat bile..insyaallah dalam mase terdekt ni aku akan sbr nk blk raye..dh due tahun dah aku tk balik raye..sampai aku dh lupe suasana raye kt umah..raye kt cni lgsg tk best..lepas g embassy,then pegi umah student officer kt cni...mmg la best tp tahun ni aku dh tkleh thn dh nk raye ngn famili..nk bli bj raye..nk dpt duit raye..pastu nak masukkan duit raye dalam sampul,,then mkn biskut raye byk2..hehe..best2..aku tk tau cne aku bulih raye 2 kali kt cni..amat menyeksekan...hoho....yes...tahun ni aku balik beraya kt kampung halaman...yeah.........

lagi-lagi manohara..

hurm..capek deh telinge n mate aku..tiap kali bukak televisi,mesti ade cite psl cik adk yg sorang nih..sape lg klau bukan psl manohara..tiap2 jam,every channel mesti ade psl die.rakyat indonesia ni tk penat ke duk dgr psl die je.skarg,klau aku g mane2,mall ke,beli aiskrim dkt kedai dpn umah aku ni,mesti ade org duk pggl aku manohara.klau kt cni senang je nk kenal mn satu rkyat mesia.kenal dr gaya tudung.kt cni klau jumpe rakyat mesia je mesti die pggl manohara..nak tergelak aku..haha.and then satu lg yg paling aku suke..klau de rkyt indonesia tny aku asal dr mn,biasenye aku akan jawab kuala lumpur sbb diorg kenl kl je.klau aku ckp klntn nnt diorg tny kt aku nk ckp skrg dh tkyah dh ckp aku asal dr.ckp je dr klantan.mesti diorg knl.dan mesti diorg akn tny psl sultan klantan.aku amat suke reaksi muka diorg lps aku ckp aku org klntan.hehe.klakar tol.stkt ni alhamdullillah.tkde lg org indonesia yg mrh2 psl manohara dpn student mesia kt cni.sume cam profesional je.even ade gak org indonesia yg tk percaya psl manohara tu.siap kutuk2 manohara depan ktorg aku ni mls nk pnjgkan hal.kite diam je.sume mende yg diorg ckp,kite angguk je la...duk kt ngr org,ape2 pon bulih berlaku..hrp2 sume student mesia kt cni akan slmt je.skrg ditambah lg dgn case ambalat tu,lagi la diorg nk mengamuk..arini pulak ade case amah indonesia kt mesia kene dera kt mont kiara..mmg panas la isu ni la dunie skrg..mesia n indonesia adalah serumpun.same2 majoriti still lg bulih gaduh...harap2 isu yg tk baik ni dpt diselesaikan dgn baik dan bijaksana...insyaallah...

family visit to jakarta....

ni kt tangkubang perahu..

gunung berapi...

kat sapu lidi

sapu lidi gak

last family dtg cni..mummy,abah n my little sis..aku jd epi la.dh lme tk jmpe famili aku.last time aku jumpe diorg ms aku blk sem break aritu..hoh.rindu yg amat tk terkate.afta exam last week,ptg tu aku n hosmate kuar g TA.nk celebrate besday kwn aku yg sorang tu.then trus pg airport soekarno hatta..on da way nk g sn,ati aku mmg berdebr2..hehe.nk jumpe famili kan.then aku tggu depan gate tu..jantung aku rs mcm dh nk pecah dh.hoho.pny lme tggu,ayah aku tk kuar gak.pastu aku kall ayah aku.die ckp die dh lps imigresen,tp tk jumpe gate rupenye.aku pon br la direction sume..then at last,nampak la gak famili aku.pny epi gile aku.hehe.then bawak di0rg mkn kt KL village.pastu balik trus tdo.second day,aku bawak famili aku pg bandung...3jam dari jakarta..smpai kt sn,mula2 ktorg makan kt restoran Sapu Lidi.memeang best gle tmpt tu.ats bukit..sejuk gle..dh la konsep die mmg tradional..then lps tu pg tangkubang perahu.kt cni de gunung berapi n kolam air panas.gunung berapi ni dh lme perjalanan nk g sn puny la memeningkan..jalan berlubang2.aku tgk mak aku dh pening dh...once dh smpai sn,sume pening tu dh ilang...aku n famili aku sume cam terdiam bile tgk gunung berapi tu.ktorg tgk dr mulut kawah gunung,tu bleh nmpk larva die..larva die still lg berasap..siap bau sulfur lg.mmg menakjubkan....kt sn mmg tk nmpak jln..sbb berkabus...mmg best pg sn..then ktorg pg chihampelas..kt chihampelas ni la tmpt org2 slalu shopping...hrg pon bleh thn murah..kt cni byk factory hrge mmg murah..pastu de satu mall nm chihampelas walk..mall ni tkde la best sgt..bese2 je..lg satu tempat yg slalu org pg adlh pasar aritu tk smpat nk pg sbb parents aku dh lth sgt..balik dari bandung,ktorg makan nasi nasi die tk best sgt.maybe sbb malam.then balik umah,trus tdo.penat..aku pulak de exam esok ntah ape2.dh la paper microbiology.mmg biol la otak tu...watevapon,parents aku dh selamat dh blk ke mesia..aku tk tau la diorg epi ke tk duk cni..dgn umah aku yg serba kekurangan aku amat epi sbb ade famili menemani aku for da whole week..hehe..dapat la gak melepask rindu kt famili yg tercinte.....

laptop rosak....

hampeh tol..smlm siang,tanjung duren ujan dgn lbtnye..aku dh la duk sorang2 kt umah ni..siap dgn ade kilat n guruh.tkt aku.pastu kene g campus pulak.sbb de exam.klau de klas je,dh lme aku skip sbb terpkse la pg gak meredah ujan dgn payung yg dh hampir nk rosak.tggu angkut(pengangkutan awam kt indon) punye la lme..last2 skali smpai la gak kt exam ku hancus...aku exam internal disease ngn intergrasi aritu..hoho..mmg hancur la.aku men jwb je..sume soklan exam die bg case psl kite kene diagnose patient tu skt ape..aku menggunakan sume kepakaran yg aku ade nk solve dat tau la btol ke tak..arap2 btol.this week dah masuk blok baru..sistem hepatobilier.arap2 blok ni tk susah sgt mcm 2 blok lepas.dh tk lrt nk pgsn je..ngn exam yg berlambak.lame2 bleh masuk wad psikatrik aku nih.hoho...jgn la mintak camtu farah...watevapon..hope 4 da best...then..balik la aku n hosmate aku ke rumah..still lagi tk selebat td..pny la terkejut lps balik,bilik 2 org hosmate aku tu abis banjir.air ujan menitik dr siling.yg paling menghanginkan lg,siap menitik ats laptop lg.kuang asam gle..mengamuk kwn aku tu..dh la laptop tu die br plak..ble dh on lps tggu kering,mmg tkleh idup laptop tu..klau aku jd die dh lme dh aku histeria.mmg kene blasah la pak doni..satu hal plak nk g baiki laptop..haish...apela nasib malang sgt ni....

tk pg klas!!!!

wargh......arini aku tk g klas!!sbb aku tk terbgn gle..bgn2 tgk dh pg.konpius aku..aku rs smlm aku tdo mlm.npe bgn2 dh siang ni?aku dgn cepatnye meluru kuar dr bilik..nk tgk hosmate aku ade ke tk.tgk2..ade gak dok terbongkang dlm blk..lege ati aku .igtkan aku sorang je yg tk g kelas.rupenye de lg yg tk pg.hehe.lege ati aku.dah la pagi ni de lecture anatomy pathalogy dr tol aku skip klas yer..tkpela.nnt dgr record lecture la.n one more thing yg bt aku epi di pagi yg mulie ni of my best friend@old friend dh reply my mes this morning..smlm aku kal die tk agkt..aku pny la bimbang kt die sbb this week aku mimpi yg tk best psl die.then aku trus mes die nk tny khabar.tkt sumtink bad happens..alhamdulillah..nmpknye tkde..dh lme sgt tk jmpe..hopefully,allah izinkan aku jumpe lg dgn kawnku yg sorang ni...insyaallah....i will be waiting 4 dat precious moment...

tak mengantuk lagi...

skrg dah kul satu lebih...mata pon dh berat npe aku tkleh tdo ni...huhu..dh dkt 2 mggu aku tdo dgn tak lenenya..memikirkan exam..exam yg tk so is very tough being a medical student..kadang-kadang aku terpikir gak..nak berinti blajar.pastu kawin je,then duk umah..hoho.tak yah pening2 pale nk blaja mende2 yg susah ni.haish...dh bpe kali dh aku mengeluh ni..farah..tak baik mengeluh...idup ni mmg susah.dlm dunie ni tkde mende yg senang..(pesan aku kepada diriku sendiri).....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........

urgh..tak lalu aku nak makan....

im in hell...

hoho...aku amat capeks skali..baru blik dr tgk wayang kt TA..pergh..mantap gile..mmg berasap gile la duk dlm bioskop tuh..haha..aku tgk cte drag me to hell..cte horror..horror thp max.mmg tkt gle.aku ngn fila mmg terjerit2 mcm beruk maknyeh la duk dlm tu.cte mende la yg bdak2 ni bwk aku skali skale tgk cte horror best gak.haha..dh la klakar gle antu die.hikhik.siap bleh menari ats meje ending die mmg sadis la.sad ending..sian kt pompuan tu.last skali mati sempat nk pelakon2 die tk pndai movie aku nk tgk adlh terminator salvation...and yg plg aku tk sbr skali adlh cte transformers 2...the revenge..cpat la sbr nk tgk shia lebouf ni..hehe..megan fox mesti makin hot gler kan..tkpe2..aku akn sabr menunggu..

im starting my own blog....

hoho..dengan rasminya..saya,wan nur farahanim bt wan abd malek mengisytiharkan bahawa saya dah ade blog saya lain bt blog,aku pon nak bt blog gak skarang,aku akan menjadikan blog ni sebagai tempat curhat aku bulih cite sume mende yg berlaku dalam idup aku..mende yg sedih..mende yg gumbira.dan lain2 lagi tanpa memikirkan org lain melainkan aku sendri(istilah lainnya adaah selfish=jual ikan)..okla...dh penat aku seharian tercongok depan laptop berusaha menyiapkan blog ku ini...beta mau mandi dan semayang.dh masuk maghrib dh,see u next time my new mase aku dtg melawat lg..